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Our success story on on-line training in and out side the country gave us the impetus to come up with the new ideas with the vision ‘Success for every one’. It facilitates to create excellence by providing an atmosphere of stress free studying coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure to open up the new career opportunity.

The long felt need of the students and for professionals opting for new opportunity (career oriented) has come up. The most amazing part, it is totally free on-line web site.

On the one hand, it will drive the growth of skill by empowering students to learn on their own terms, at their own pace, where ever and when ever they want. It will make it possible to take high quality education to every corner of the country. People will enjoy higher mobility as they can easily access educational services and interaction with faculty and peers (thereby joining community of IT professionals).Thus the learning process will not be limited to text books but enhanced through interactive learning. All this is needed to enhance skill to achieve lucrative position in IT industry.

On the other hand, one can have information about recent opening in different organizations, which organization is looking for which skill set and having a scope for making application for that. And least but not the last, read about CEOs lecture series.

Some reason to consider:
World has changed, whether we like it or not. The faster you accept it and faster you convert the threat into opportunity, the better it is. The old rules and old ways are not going to apply and therefore if we keep on waiting for the golden old days to come back, we will keep on waiting. The world has changed, the demand has changed, the employees have changed, the customers have changed, societies have changed, and the measures have changed. The faster you accept it and faster you convert the threat into opportunity, the better it is. Therefore, market linkage education coupled with skill is the only road map to success.

The market linkages are not readily available in a college or university and generally, faculty is not adequately experienced in the methodology of productisation for end user needs.

This site creates an environment whereby it will bring students and faculty closer to real-world technology. This site is such where one can experiment and create new products can unleash innovations that can benefit industry, students and all others. The senior IT professionals can bring with them an understanding of end-users and their requirements, key information required to build road map for commercialization. Our first and foremost interest would be in capacity building in education and ensuring employability. One can test his skills (programming language skills) on-line and depending on his test result, the CVs would be sent to reputed companies including multinational ones to short list the candidates as per their requirement. One can watch out the topic, which organization is looking for which skill set and recent opening from different organizations with a scope for making application for the position.

Students can get the free tutorials on latest languages on request. Any college/Institution can register and if their at least sixty (60) students can pass out the Test; we will bring companies for campus interview.

Above all, it is also enabling an environment that allows reach out and builds relationships with entrepreneurs and young companies not just in advisory/consulting roles.

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Skill Development for Student's and Job Seekers

Introducing Game Development

An event we did at on Mobile Apps , Game Development, Social Networking

Social Media Properties : virtualinfocom

The long felt need of the students and for professionals opting for new opportunity (career oriented) has come up. The most amazing part, it is totally free on-line web site. On the one hand, it will drive the growth of skill by empowering students to learn on their own terms, at their own pace, where ever and when ever they want.

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In 2001, revenue from the video game industry surpassed box office receipts from the movie industry for the first time. The industry is thriving, and the need for good developers is strong. Given that companies can spend millions of dollars on one of the top-of-the-line games, they are naturally quite particular about the team they hire to develop the games for them.

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One thing I've noticed is that entrepreneurs feel like they have to be innovative, creative, and singular in their sales and marketing. Now, of course you want your company to stand out from the crowd. Of course you need a unique selling proposition. But, you don't have to discover on your own how to run a business. In other words, don't reinvent the wheel.

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Using social media as a form of marketing has taken on whole new challenges. As the 2010 Trust Study indicates, it is most effective if marketing efforts through social media revolve around the genuine building of authority.influence can be accomplished"social question and answer sites" such as EHow and Yahoo! to make buying decisions based on what they read and see in platforms we call "social" but only if presented by someone they have come to trust

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Java Training Institute India

Are you a student pursuing MCA or Engineering? Need assistance or training for completing your academic project? Looking forward to get trained adequately for successful completion of your project? Contact us for getting appropriate training in the required fields.

Project work is a difficult task and some students find it more difficult. It is a major part of MCA as well as Engineering, in particular B.Tech. Overall percentage of marks is greatly influenced by the score obtained in the project work. Hence, it becomes an essential part of curriculum, where students need to obtain good score. It is quite difficult to complete the project with no proper guidance or assistance, where many of them fail to complete their work successfully.

We, Java School provide training for students in successful completion of their educational project which forms part of their academic curriculum. We do offer different types of project training for students and includes;

  • MCA Major Project Training

  • BE Project Training

  • B.Tech Project Training

  • Summer Project Training and

  • Winter Project Training

Our project training for students is offered both for individual students as well as for group.Training to students offered by us act as a strong base for their academic curriculum and their career as well.


Android Application Development Course

As an android phone exhibits diverse features, it is important to learn the various methods of application programming related to it. But this is only possible through a well integrated android application development course. If you want to get smarter in handling android technology, you need the assistance of a professional android development course. With the availability of Virtualinfocom Institute, you get an intensive practical oriented training on android application programming. You are provided with a methodical guidance as a student after enrolling for the course.

The android training course promoted by Virtualinfocom Institute consists of different technological models. When you enroll for an android game developer course with Virtualinfocom, you have certainly taken the right step. You become compatible with the various resources which are necessary to master android application development and practice it thoroughly.

As the android application course provided by virtualinfocom Institute focuses on practical knowledge transfer, you get a greater scope to learn and develop your skills. A highly interactive model acts as a pillar to this course designed by experts. If you have any questions during the classes, the expert professionals answer them comprehensively.


iPhone Apps Development Course

The iphone training course promoted by VIC Institute consists diverse technological models from API Customization to Development Consulting. When you enroll for an iphone developer course with Virtualinfocom Institute, your first step of becoming an application developer is complete. During the iphone development course, notable and experienced professionals provides you with a deep insight on the subject.






CEO Lecture Series

Ritendra Roy (Sr Vice President)

MorgJP an, NY

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