Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! India!!!!!!!

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Dear ICC - International Cricket Council ,

My keyboard is crying again and again just for writing the word "ICC" and "India",

Anyways congratulation for your winning ageist Bangladesh.

I was finding the price list of World Cup on google,

But unfortunately google gives me wrong info and said

"Its not for sale" then i have seen some images here then i realize yes Cricket World Cup is a product.

So, i just want to know the price of Cricket World Cup 2015,

Also want to know that do you only accept the Indian currency?

Anyways, its really Shame for Indian team and ICC for this match fixing between India VS Bangladesh

As a Bangladeshi we will never forget and forgive for this match.

Remember India What We Did In 2012 & Again This Time.

We Are Bangladeshi

We Never Forget
We Never Forgive
We Never Give Up
Expect us!
Rising Of The Tigers

All Bangladeshi Hackers